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Monday, October 4, 2010

Bible and Catechism in a year: Day 23

Genesis 32-33

So Jacob heads homeward, and learns that Esau is coming with 400 men to meet him.  Naturally, Jacob fears the worst, remembering Esau's vow to kill him.  After praying, Jacob decides to send gifts ahead to his brother, hoping to alleviate his anger. 

Then Jacob wrestles with a man until the break of day, apparently an angel.  Jacob is not defeated by this angel, but is given a serious limp.  This messenger gives Jacob a new name:  Israel.

It turns out that Esau is happy to see his brother, and not because of the gifts.  Thus the two are reconciled in a tearful reunion, and all is right in the world.

Psalm 22:

One of the most famous of Psalms...the lamentation of the righteous man, which foretells some details of the Crucifixion, and is invoked by Christ on the cross. 

Matthew 13:1-23

Here we have the parable of the sower - an important parable.  In addition, Jesus explains to his disciples why he speaks in parables, and again Isaiah is invoked.  He explains this parable in detail to ensure that it is understood. 

I know that sometimes I feel like the ground among the thorns...trying to live my faith but being challenged by the thorny world.  Fortunately, tomorrow's reading is very helpful in this regard.

Catechism 185-197

Here we begin to explore the ancient creeds of Christianity - The Apostles Creed and the Nicene Creed.  As Catholics, we profess the Nicene Creed each week before we celebrate the Eucharist, and the Apostles Creed each time we say a rosary.  These are important prayers to remind us of the most important tenets of our faith - "They help us today to attain and deepen the faith of all times by means of the different summaries made of it."

Tomorrow's Readings:

Genesis 34-35
Psalm 23
Matthew 13:24-43
Catechism 198-202

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