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Monday, September 20, 2010

Bible and Catechism in a year: Day 9


I fat fingered and accidentally deleted everything I wrote this evening.  Then in a panic, I tried to get out of the web page before it autosaved...but I was too late.  And only now do I see that there is indeed an undo button in this here composition window...

Live and learn. 


Genesis 12-13

Story of Abram's deception of Pharoah was troubling.  But after researching a bit about the Jewish tradition's teachings about this story, I'm a little more clear.  Not completely there, but there is another similar instance coming up in about 7 chapters when I can revisit it.

Psalm 9

I liked the part of this Psalm about the wicked basically being their own downfall. 

Matthew 6:19-34

Sermon on the Mount continues...We shouldn't be so worried about material things.  Sparrows are provided for.  So, too, shall we.

Catechism 54-64
Sums up the stages of revelation in the Old Testament in terms of covenants with Adam, Noah, Abraham, and Israel.

Tomorrow's readings:

Genesis 14-15
Psalm 10
Matthew 7:1-14
Catechism 65-74

Good night and God bless.  Remember, Jesus Saves;  you should too! ;)

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